The Dynatón Data digital advertising platform offers powerful technology that is simple and easy to manage to help your business reach key audiences. This technology is built on a Dynatón Data algorithm and designed specially to allow you to interact with your ideal audience at the optimal price through our Real-Time-Bidding engine.



We believe in simplicity applied to digital marketing to increase business possibilities.



Dynatón Data proactively solves a major challenge commonly faced in the digital space concerning reaching key audiences. We believe that this is something that should be easy to execute and manage. This is precisely why we’re dedicated to helping our clients and partners to access more direct connections between Advertisers and their customers. This makes it easier for Advertisers and Ad Agencies to have accurate insights into their customers in real-time. Publishers can confidently share campaign performance information including details about reach and, all parties have full access to the same information. As a result, Publishers gain the ability to generate more revenue from their premium audiences.